Eric Andrew Kuhn, Music for Film, Volume Two, 2019

Eric Andrew Kuhn, Music for Film, Volume One, 2019

The Motivations, In The Night, 2018

The Light Switches, Skulls, 2018

Grasses, Vision, 2018

Woman Believer, Dunzo (EP), 2018

Jim Henderson Constellation, Still Souled Out, 2018

Annie Bacon, "Used to Be the One" (single), 2018

Eric and Erica, "Beautiful Moon" (single), 2017

Eric and Erica, "What I Need" (single), 2017

Michael Musika and Eric Kuhn, You Can If You Want To, 2016

Kris Whitenack, Complex Metaphor, 2016

Lou Breed, Locus of Control, 2016

Sean Hayes, Low Light, 2016

C.S. Drury, Sea of Soul, 2016

Eric and Erica, Keep the Best, 2016

Eric and Erica, The Way to Turn, 2015

Eric Andrew Kuhn, The Immortalists Soundtrack, 2015

B. Hamilton, Fight Everything, 2015

Dina Maccabee, Game of Telephone, 2015

Adam Stephens, "The Taste of Me," 2015

Eric and Erica, Side Pony/Blue Ribbon EP, 2014

Michael Musika & Eric Kuhn, There Is No Need to Name the Moon, 2014

Eric and Erica, Wild Holiday EP, 2014

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Misc. B-sides, 2014

Eric and Erica, This Is Where, 2013

Silian Rail, "Last Song" 2013

Eric and Erica, You Try EP, 2013

Silian Rail, Live at Sargent Manor, 2013

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, We the Common, 2013

Sean Hayes, "Magic Slim Vs. Dynamite" 2013

Silverhorse, "Traded for Fire," 2013

Silian Rail, each/other, 2012

Silian Rail, every/one, 2012

Sean Hayes, Before We Turn to Dust, 2012

Ramon and Jessica, Fly South, 2012

Sean Hayes, Outtakes and Alternatives, 2011

Lia Rose, When You Need Me Most, 2011

Silian Rail, acoustic music, 2011

Silian Rail, split EP w/ Red Giant, 2011

The Trophy Fire, A Lifetime in the Middle of the Ocean, 2011

Michael Musika, Spells, 2011

Eric Andrew Kuhn, music for written word, in collaboration, 2010

Silian Rail, split EP w/ By Sunlight, 2010

Silian Rail, Parhelion, 2010

Dina Maccabee Band, Who Do You Suppose You Are, 2010

The Aimless Never Miss, Tran EP, 2009

Silian Rail, And I You, to Pieces, 2009

Built for the Sea, Mise en Scene, 2008

Silian Rail, s/t, 2007

Dear Kerosene, s/t, 2006

Darkness Under Depths, s/t, 2003

io, Where the Engines Lay, 2003

The B-Sides, Yes Indeed The B-Sides Quite, 2001